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Promise Rings For Couples: when you should give it away as a present and what does it mean

Sapphire engagement rings are well-liked by women, from the blue sapphire models to the yellow and pink sapphire ones.

Blue sapphire rings hold a special meaning

The blue sapphire ring has been popular choice for women of all ages. Thanks to its timeless charm it is one of the most popular engagement rings given as gifts. It's simple: blue sapphire is associated with happiness and peace because of its color. This is the reason it's popular to believe that the blue sapphire band can guard and shield against misfortune for those who wear it. The blue sapphire is also known for its purity and devotion to one another It is therefore the ideal choice for asking someone you love to marry you, since it symbolizes sincere, devoted love.

Sapphire: a suggestive precious stone

Ideal for paying tribute to women with blue eyes, sapphire is one of the most beautiful precious stones used in the production of jewelry. According to tradition, those who wear sapphires are sincere and loyal as well as capable of resisting temptation. Sapphire is chemically composed of aluminum oxide, and is the only natural substance source to possess a hardness of level 9 on the Mohs scale. The largest deposits around the globe are located situated in Australia, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India and Madagascar, but small sapphire crystals are also found in Italy in the calcite deposits of Terminillo. The gem is usually offered with a round or oval cut, but it is also set on the shape of a baguette or heart.

Sapphire rings of all colors, not only blue

There are a variety of colors of sapphires, such as the colors of orange, yellow and pink. On the market there are mostly rings made of yellow, pink, and blue sapphires. In the case of yellow the latter, they're usually constructed of white gold which goes well with yellow. On the other hand rings that have pink sapphires make the perfect ring for women who love romance. Prices vary based on different characteristics, starting from the metal used to make the ring, passing through the carats of the stone as well as the presence or absence of diamonds around the band. The most affordable versions cost that are around 300-400 euros, however they could also exceed 10 thousand euros if they are signed by a major fashion house.


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